"Will we go on more trips like this? We need more trips because like we saw a different place. It is our first time to see something like this. I want to know about it. To go on trips to know the world - what happened to the world."

— Mohammed  Alwaked, age 13



Proud Places is a London-wide education programme inspiring young people with the world around them. Using heritage projects we introduce children aged 7 and upwards to important themes in everyday places… the hidden stories of London and why they matter.


Through free site visits and creative workshops, this is a chance to find out about buildings, conservation and craftsmanship – what you never knew about the city all around you.


The programme helps young people improve their life choices as well as their life skills. We are specialists in alternative provision schools and youth groups as well as primary and secondary pupils. The programme was developed with our Proud Places Young Ambassadors and launched in October 2020 with funding from the Jones Day Foundation.


For more information on the Heritage of London Trust go to our webpage heritageoflondon.org

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Cranford Lock Up


Small ‘lock ups’ like this one were once found all around London. They detained petty criminals and vagrants overnight, before the era of police stations.

Mount Clare Temple.JPG

Mount Clare Temple


The ‘Temple of Honour’ is an 18th century neo-classical temple with beautiful images of gods and goddesses. It was moved to its current location in the early 20th century and has been locked up for many years.

CG .png

Caroline Gardens Chapel


With its soot-stained walls and heat-damaged interior, unchanged since a bomb dropped in 1941, this almshouse chapel is a unique time capsule from WWII.

Toynbee Fountain Exploration.png

Toynbee Fountain


The freshly restored Toynbee Fountain lends a gothic presence to the Wimbledon crossroads. Young people are introduced to the weird and wonderful history of Joseph Toynbee, Ear Surgeon Royale…

pope's 4

Pope's Grotto


The poet Alexander Pope created a Grotto under his house as a place for contemplation and writing. It was an artificial cavern, sparkling with minerals, crystals and mirrors.

Promenade Approach exploration.JPG

Promenade Approach


These 1920s gates led into Chiswick’s first public park for working people as London’s industrial factories expanded in west London. The park offered fresh air for families to relax and exercise.

leaning woman hammersmith.jpg

Leaning Woman


A pioneering ‘classical’ statue in concrete created after WWII by Czech sculptor Karel Vogel as part of a London-wide programme to improve society with public art.


Emma Cons Memorial The Old Vic


Emma Cons was a pioneering social reformer, who campaigned for better housing and education for the poor of Victorian London and the right of women to be in power.

PP nice sunlight.JPG

Northumberland House Arch

Tower Hamlets

This arch now in Bromley-By-Bow came from a grand palace on the Strand and was moved across London by horse and cart 146 years ago.

conde de bayona

Conde de Bayona Mausoleum

Hammersmith & Fulham

This mausoleum in Kensal Rise is a perfect Gothic house in miniature.

Cranford Stables

Cranford Stables


Cranford’s 18th century stables once housed the grooms as well as horses.

Wanstead Grotto


Wanstead Grotto was once the location of lavish 18th century entertainments.

Wanstead Grotto

"Not gonna lie, this was genuinely the best day we've had yet! Every week I think it's not gonna top the last and it does! This is the best day I've ever had! I'll say to my mates, what did YOU do this Wednesday?! NOTHING.”

Devon Fields, 19, Proud Places Young Ambassador

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A stonemason engages with young ambassadors

A stonemason engages with young ambassadors

Learning how to restore a historical landmark.

Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day

Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day

Year 10s go to the Jones Day HQ to partake in a mock 'Dragons Den' pitching restoration projects.

Exploring hidden heritage

Exploring hidden heritage

A young person from a pupil referral unit examines a horse's bridle at Cranford Stables.

Wanstead Grotto

Wanstead Grotto

A Proud Places visit at Wanstead Grotto, locked to the public for over 100 years.

Proud Places Ambassador looking down into St Bart's

Proud Places Ambassador looking down into St Bart's

Proud Places Ambassador explores hidden spaces of St Bart's

Inside Pope's Grotto

Inside Pope's Grotto

A young person from a youth group explores Pope's Grotto.

Leaning Woman Statue

Leaning Woman Statue

A youth group visit the Leaning Woman statue.

Proud Places stone masonry

Proud Places stone masonry

A young person from a pupil referral unit tries their hand at stone masonry.

Poetry workshops

Poetry workshops

A young person shows her poem at our literacy workshop inspired by a visit to Pope's Grotto.

Older pupils learning about stonemason tools

Older pupils learning about stonemason tools

The programme offers interactive London school trips.

Workshops with Salusbury World refugee group

Workshops with Salusbury World refugee group

An artist matches historic paint on statues

An artist matches historic paint on statues

Historic paint specialist Pedro da Costa Felgueiras at work in Whitechapel.

Children at Cranford Lock up

Children at Cranford Lock up

Exploring the life of Victorian rogues and villains in this police cell.



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Site visits are fully risk-assessed including for Covid and groups can be as small as necessary.



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