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This steel and aluminium map of the Elms housing estate was a sculpture commission by south-London based house-builder Wates in 1961. The company often worked with internationally renowned architects and designers and Henrion worked for Wates during the 1960s. 


German Jewish designer Frederick Henri Kay Henrion (1914–1990) moved to escape the War, 

first to Paris to work as a poster designer and then to Britain in 1936. He created some of the most memorable Allied wartime propaganda for the British Ministry of Information, including some of the really iconic posters of the time. This is a very rare 3D survival of his work. 


Groups of young refugees and Alternative provision students visited the Blacksmiths in their workshop while they were restoring the sign. The different groups created signs of their schools and local areas as part of their workshops.

“I’ve found a hidden talent as a blacksmith!”

– Amira, Year 9, Student at Cotelands Alternative Provision. 

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FHK Henrion Salusbury World 2.JPG

“Today I learnt a new skill, so I would love to do another trip like this” 

– Majdi, age17, Salusbury World young refugee group 


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