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Pupils from Queensbridge Primary School give presentations from their Proud Places visits

This is the only surviving Passmore Edwards fountain which now offers fresh drinking water. Passmore Edwards was a political and social reformer and became one of the most successful newspaper owners of his time. He put his energies  and his money - into philanthropy, funding more than 70 public buildings. In 1906 he wrote that one of his life aims was: “To place drinking-water within reach of many of the poorest”. 


As part of Proud Places, stonemasons and gilders invited the children to learn more about the process of restoration. This inspired the children to create their own ceramic drinking fountains one of which won a place at the 2023 Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show.

“I have always wanted to get young people involved with stonemasonry but didn’t know how.”

– Max Lawson, Stonemason

“I just thought of it as an old fountain that no one really needed. But now I know it’s something important in history”

– David, aged 9

Albion Square Fountain making


Albion Square sculpture 2.jpg
Albion Square sculpture 4.jpg
Albion Square sculpture 6.jpg
Albion Square sculpture 1.jpg
Albion Square sculpture 3.jpg
Albion Square sculpture 7.jpg
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