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Proud Prospects is a careers focused programme designed to support and prepare young people across London who struggle with lack of employment confidence and opportunities. It offers a range of mentoring and skills workshops in partnership with global law firm Jones Day and other corporate supporters. The programme includes historic site visits, creative workshops, and a full day’s corporate office experience.


It is tailored to each group’s needs, and is completely free of charge.

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“It helped us build our confidence. Instead of twiddling our thumbs, we were able to get answers out. And it’ll help now that people won’t see us as pushovers; it’ll help us build our confidence and probably get respect in the workplace.”

Owen McFaman, Year 10

“The whole experience was fantastic and engaged our students at every step from the visits to the workshops. The students didn't feel like they were working when they were researching and completing their presentations as they enjoyed the topic and could relate to the history of the site. I really feel that there is no room for improvement as the whole programme was fantastic from start to finish. Communication and attention to detail was excellent”

Kellie Tumbridge, Academic Interventions Co-Ordinator, Beacon High School

Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day
Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day

“It just helps with your confidence, because you’re speaking to people – a whole group of people as well – and it’s very nerve-wracking, but you can overcome it.”

Ethan Crockford, Year 11

“This has given me a lot of confidence, especially in terms of the feedback I was given”

Hamid Lamri, Year 10


Want to get involved ?

Please do fill out our contact form and let us know more about your group or class, including their age range.

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Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day
Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day

“Nobody really knows about what's important to employers that much, so it’s good to learn what we did today.”

Bobby Burrows, Year 9

“I think we nailed it!”

Nickolai Ramgeet, Year 10

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