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Proud Prospects is a careers focused programme designed to support and prepare young people across London who struggle with lack of employment confidence and opportunities. It offers a range of mentoring and skills workshops in partnership with global law firm Jones Day and other corporate supporters. The programme includes historic site visits, creative workshops, and a full day’s corporate office experience.


It is tailored to each group’s needs, and is completely free of charge.

"The dragon's den was nerve-wracking, my heart was pumping.They all seemed really intimidating and intelligent. There was a panel of very intimidating women that I could tell they were all very capable, so I wanted to impress them, so it made me even more nervous. If it was like people I knew I don't think I would have been so nervous so I appreciated the rush it gave me to speak in front of them."


Samera Aktar, Year 12

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 "I'm grateful I went, it made me realise I’m interested in things I didn’t know I was interested in and gives me so many more skills. For example: communication, networking, and building networks. Plus, understanding how different roles work in other industries."

Samira Jahan, Year 12

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Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day

"My experience was very good I learnt a lot, there was a lot to take away from the dragons. It was very intimidating (the interviews), but you just learn how to push through it, say what you can and you know, not to stress."

Dinayat Chowdhury, Year 12

“It just helps with your confidence, because you’re speaking to people – a whole group of people as well – and it’s very nerve-wracking, but you can overcome it.”

Ethan Crockford, Year 11


Want to get involved ?

Please do fill out our contact form and let us know more about your group or class, including their age range.

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Proud Places Careers Day at Jones Day
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